VTA is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide paratransit service within ¾ of a mile of a transit route while that route is in operation.  VTA exceeds this requirement by providing paratransit service to locations within 1 ¾ miles of a transit route, though at a premium fare.  Under current VTA paratransit policy, changing the shape of the transit network would affect access to paratransit service or change the price of paratransit service for some users.

VTA staff have recommended updating the paratransit policy to ensure that no current users in Santa Clara County are negatively impacted.  The specifics of this policy will be developed in coordination with VTA’s Committee for Transit Accessibility in early 2017.

The proposed changes in the Draft Next Network Plan may improve paratransit service as increases in hours of service and weekend service means paratransit service will be available for more hours and/or more days of the week for some locations.

With the extension of BART to Santa Clara County in the fall of 2017, VTA will no longer operate express bus routes 120, 140, 180 and 181 to the Fremont BART Station.  Accordingly, VTA will not provide paratransit service in Alameda County after the BART extension opens.  Those who travel between Alameda County and Santa Clara County will transfer near the county line between East Bay Paratransit and Access Paratransit.