In November of 2016, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure B, which will provide funding for nine categories of transportation improvements. $500 million is projected to be available for transit operations over the next 30 years ($16.7 million per year) and is eligible to be used in the following ways:

  • Expand mobility services and affordable fare programs for seniors, those with disabilities, students and low-income riders.
  • Enhance frequent core bus network.
  •  Improve amenities at bus stops to increase safety, security and access.
  • Support new, innovative transit service models to address first/last mile connections.

VTA’s Board of Directors will decide how much to spend on each of these uses in early 2017.  If the Board approves funding for enhancing the core bus network and/or supporting new and innovative transit service models, those additional funds will be included in the Final Next Network Plan.