Fare Study

VTA is reviewing its fare policy within the context of the service redesign objectives of increasing transit ridership and improving farebox recovery.  A specific focus is aligning VTA’s fare policy with the design of a transit network that encourages making transfers between routes.  VTA’s present policy of charging cash-paying customers each time they board a vehicle discourages transfers.  Additionally, staff is evaluating lowering the cost of youth fares, continuing the Transit Assistance Program (TAP) for low income riders, restructuring the Eco pass program, and adjusting the base fare—which VTA has not done since 2009.

VTA’s Board of Directors will discuss a preliminary fare change proposal at the April 21, 2017 Board Workshop that includes a preliminary Title VI Fare Equity Analysis and summary of revenue impacts from proposed fare changes.  A recommended fare proposal would be considered for Board adoption in June of 2017.