About the Final Transit Service Plan

VTA’s Final Transit Service Plan is the product of a year-long community conversation about how VTA can improve its transit network.  Its goals are to connect with BART service at the new Milpitas and Berryessa Stations, increase ridership and improve cost-effectiveness.  The plan would be implemented in late 2017, coinciding with the start of BART service to Santa Clara County.

The Final Transit Service Plan…

  • Increases service levels in high-ridership areas and decreases service levels in low-ridership areas.
  • Increases frequencies on many routes.
  • Expands the number of Rapid Routes.
  • Increases the number of residents and jobs with access to frequent service by 150,000 and 160,000 respectively.
  • Extends service later in the evening on many routes and adds more service on weekends.

We encourage you to explore the plan using the links below.